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The neighbours in your street, the friends you have around your suburb and many thousands of Canberrans use our service every month to keep their homes clean and tidy.

If you would like your home to be clean and tidy all year round call our office on 6299 5800 to organise our service at your home, or read on to get all the information you require about our prices etc.

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Did you know that one of our trucks has driven past your house once every four weeks for the past 20 years.

In partnership with your household, Cut Price Trash Paks wants to be responsible for keeping your home and yard imaculately clean and tidy. You will never again have the need to say ' I'll get rid of that later' or the need to have a pile of grass clippings or branches build up in your yard . By using our service all of your unwanted odds and ends around the house, grass clippings and branches can be placed into your pak. We will then come and empty it, ready for you to fill it up again.

As mentioned above, Cut Price Trash Paks has been in every suburb of Canberra and Queanbeyan every month of every year for the past 20 years without fail. Our guarantee to you is that our office staff are available Mon to Fri from 8:30am to 5pm to take your calls, Our drivers will be courteous and respectfull when they are on your property and finally we will check your pak every month without fail. We have built our business using this basic formula from day one. It's no wonder that our clientele includes thousands of satisfied households, embassies, government departments, body corporates and all types of businesses right throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan.

As you can see, our business runs like clockwork, month in month out, all year round. All you need to do is call our office, set up the service you require then sit back and enjoy the experience, we will take care of everything for you. There is not much more we can do for you, oh wait yeah there is, we can give you your next pick up for FREE. Click here to find out how

How the system works

Cut Price Trash Paks offers Canberra and Queanbeyan residents a cost effective waste management service right there tucked away in your own yard.

We set up a Trash Pak in your yard and you fill it with all of your prunings, grass clippings, and any other light junk from around the house that you need to dispose of.

Our drivers come to your suburb once every four weeks (or more often if required) to check on your Trash Pak to see if it requires emptying.

What you can and can't put in your Cut Price Trash Pak

You can place all green waste eg. Grass clippings, leaves, weeds (with dirt shaken off) and prunings into your Trash Pak. If needed you can place light rubbish eg. Boxes, paper, cardboard, cans, clothes, toys, small appliances, pots pans etc in the Pak as well.

You can not place any heavy or dangerous materials such as dirt, turf, gravel, rocks, bricks, concrete or glass into the Tash Pak. There is obviously a limit to the amount of weight one man can move, if the pak contains this type of heavy material it simply will not be possible to empty your Pak

Choose a service that will SOLVE your rubbish PROBLEMS

We have three systems to suit your waste management needs.

  • $30 service. Our drivers check on your pak once every four weeks, if your pak is half full or more, it will be emptied for you and charged accordingly. However if your Pak is under half full it will not be emptied and no charge will be incurred. If this is the case and your pak is not emptied one month the following month then does becomes a definate pick up. That means you will be charged a minimum of $30 once every 8 weeks.
  • $35 service. Our drivers check on your pak once every four weeks, if your pak is half full or more, it will be emptied for you and charged accordingly. However if your Pak is under half full it will not be emptied and no charge will be incurred. On this service you can miss getting a pick up for consecutive months and your pak will only be emptied and charged for when it is over half full. There are no definate pick ups on this service.

    Please note, each of the above Trash Pak services does require all new clients to pay an initial deposit of $30 or $35 depending on the service you are organising. This deposit simply pays for your final Trash Pak pick up should you need to cancel the service in the future.

  • 1 Off Trash Pak. This service is for the person who does not want a regular service and really only wants a Trash Pak at their property temporarily for a quick clean up around their yard or to dispose of odds and ends for an end of lease clean up. The cost of this service is $40 for the first bag and 1 frame delivered then $30 for each bag in addition to the first one left on the delivery day.

Your next pick up date is always printed on the bottom of your current invoice. This way you always know when to expect us next. Please note that we do not charge any office or administration fees if you do not receive a pick up in any given month.

How to order your Cut Price Trash Pak

Call our office between 8:30am-5pm Mon to Fri on 6299 5800 or email sales@cutpricetrashpaks.com.au, our office staff will give you all the relevant details and organise the delivery of your Trash Pak and start up of the service. Alternitavely you can click here to email our office with your details and we will get in touch with you to organise your Trash Pak.

When will you receive your pak ?

Each week we do an 'extra pick up' run right throughout Canberra and Queanbeyan. This is generaly when we deliver Trash Paks to our new clients. We also do any extra pick ups for our existing clients who have filled up their pak early and have requested that we empty it for them.

Capacity and advantages

Your Cut Price trash pak is 0.75 of a cubic meter in volume. That means it is roughly the same capacity as one flat ute or car trailer load of rubbish.

Now, if you were to take a ute load or car trailer load of rubbish to the tip you will be charged $20 in tip fees. Then add your time getting to the tip, waiting in line, unloading and driving back home. And finally the cost of the fuel for the entire trip. It makes sense for us to do the job for you. It is cheaper and takes no time or effort out of your weekend.

Have your trash pak picked up for FREE !!

Cut Price Trash Paks has a formal referral system in place for our existing clients to take advantage of.

If you have family, friends or neighbours that you think may benefit from our trash pak service, we would like you to tell them about us. After all, you, our satisfied clients, are our best advertisement.

Prompt them to give our office a call, where our staff can explain to them exactly how the system works. If they then join our regular client list, you as the referring client will receive your NEXT PICK UP FOR FREE.

There is no limit on the number of new clients you may refer to us so obviously there is no limit to the amount of free pick ups you can accrue.

Our staff will ask all new clients if they were referred to us by an existing client, so please tell the person you are referring, to let our staff know YOUR name and address so we can promptly organise your NEXT PICK UP FOR FREE.

This referral system is simply how we do business . At any time in the future if you refer a new client to us you will receive your NEXT PICK UP FOR FREE.


Each month, Cut Price Trash Paks recycles approximately 58 tonne of greenwaste. To put that into context 58 tonne equals.....725 average sized men or......38 Holden Commodores or....13 Fully grown male African Elephants or......10 Action Busses, whichever way you look at it that is a lot of greenwaste being recycled and not ending up in landfill.

Peace of mind

Every aspect of our business is comprehensively insured. Our vehicles all carry the required insurances, all of our employees are covered by our Workers compensation insurance, and we have Public and Product liability insurance all current.

Thanks for taking the time to look through our website. We really do look forward to helping you.

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7 Copper Cres, Beard ACT 2620, Australia

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